October 9, 2008

From Merlin Mann’s blog talk

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He’s the one that got me started with a Hipster. I’ve got to tell you I use mine a little differently. He’s got a little stack that he processes daily. I’ve got a big stack that I use like a planner, with a scribbled note page on top that I process all the time. Ubiquitous capture is what I’m shooting for.

Back to his blog talk. It was at a blog confrence, these were people looking to make money by blogging. I’m not in that camp but what he had to say applies to me. How do you write a good blog? His answer is:

Find your obsession.
Every day, explain it to
one person you respect.
Edit everything, skip shortcuts,
and try not to be a dick.
Get Better.

He repeated the points several times breaking it down to:
1.    Obsession
2.    Daily
3.    Explain it
4.    One person
5.    Respect
6.    Edit it
7.    No Cheese
8.    No Dick
9.    Better

The first thing I did was make a Hipster card and add it to my stack. Covering his first point I’m obsessive about just about everything I come into contact with I have been at least daily adding cards to the Infinite Dvorak Deck for most of the year. I’ve never mentioned it here but it’s a interesting thought experiment. I am playing Living Forgotten Realms and I’m keeping track of three forums to stay on top of developments. I’ve started using Maptools to expand my play opportunities. I think I’ve convinced CRSE to do NaNoWriMo this year. her efforts last year have led to this current NaBloWriMo effort. I have become enamored to the Escape artists podcasts. So what do I focus my energy on?  Hmmm? Should I start 8 more blogs, one for every interest? I think not, I need Arthurian readers. Readers who can love me as a whole loaf instead of just slices. (name the movie in the comments and I’ll slap you with a trout) I’m an obsessive kind of guy. A coworker once quipped that I knew things that only 5 people knew in the Renaissance. If I do it’s because I’m curious and want to know more than I do. I owe a lot to Wikipedia giving me obscure information that has very little conversational value.
P.S. There’s also my girlfriend in Canada whispering secrets in my ear.


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