October 10, 2008

late night coffee

Posted in blogging, Random, Reference at 18:24 0 by gillsmoke

So what in the hell are you doing until 2am if you’re not at a bar? Playing Lux of course. Lux Delux is a Risk like game with lots of user support since I don’t have a lot of dispossabe income I have to be picky about where I plunk 20 dollars. I keep thinking I want to buy this game. The demo cripples you after 30 games but those 30 games are wonderful. Would you give up you lunch money for it? I think Im going to, jsut not today.

Merlin’s second point
2.    Daily
and he goes on to say that he doesn’t mean post every day he means work on you blog everyday. Obsessive reseach, working on posts, editing, comment managment, forum managment whatever. Kick it up a level. Make it a daily habit like checking email, do you remember a time when you didn’t do that? Today make your blog a part of your day. I have this month but I still need to go further. November is novel writing time and I’m undecided whether I will be posting it or not, I just might post word counts to make CRSE bitter.


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