October 11, 2008

Saturday night

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I do believe lame two point Oh was a perfect description of the events. Although there were several taboo topics of discussion, having Sling Blade summon security on me for my private cellphone call for fear of my sanity is probably the height of irony.

3.    Explain it
Why should anybody care about whatever you’re interested in? What is it that drives your interest. Wouldn’t it be cool if everybody knew about it? Now it’s your turn. He also suggests “skip to the fifth post” the first ones are the obligatory this is why I’m writing what I am. Start at the meat, go straight for the juicy bit. Turning back to me my blog is established but not constant. That might change but I doubt that. What do I blog about. Whatever strikes my fancy at the moment. My byline in the side column suggests I want to write. So here’s the why of it. I’ve read a couple of books and felt the WTF feeling rise up in me. Somebody got paid to write that? I could write a better story than that. But of course I can’t. I have no idea how to structure stuff, and when I verbally tell stories my wife’s eye visably glazes over in bordom.  Show not tell is not a strength of mine. Leaving hints is and I have been trying it out a little, didja notice (shut up, don’t tell, don’t tell, don’t tell)? I can ramble on about D&D for hours and sometimes do (My current bitch, Wizards of the Coast has not sent new membership cards. I got an email Friday saying the should arrive in 10 to 12 days). But I’ve got an EN World account that comes with a free blog for that. I’m not giving that the attention it requires. I may I may not. My other obsessions, if you stick around long enough you may get to find them.


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