October 12, 2008

No church

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We (the boys) didn’t make it to church because we didn’t have clean underwear. Careful planning, or random emergency, you decide. I passed out several times in the afternoon, My naps have been like for a while now, not intentionally going to sleep. Passing out like a grampa in the easy chair. If I weren’t staying up past midnight I might be worried.

4.    One person
His point here was keep it personal. Write to that one reader you really want to reach. Don’t be like the Christians in the gay district evangilizing about the sins of homosexuallity, you’ll increase youre readership faster if you preach to the parishiners instead of the heathens (don’t worry the heathens will come to mock and you have another reader). Like the book that knocks on the fourth wall with “Gentle reader,” talk to the idealized reader His other comment was constant voice.
Back to me, I tend to phrase everything for CRSE, she really is the mythic reader in my head, but she is different from the real CRSE because she doesn’t tell me to shut up for talking about D&D or computing. But still goes “blah, blah, blah,” when I carry on too long (like now)



  1. crseum said,

    I NEVER tell you to shut up for that! Im very consistent with the more polite “why are you still talking” or “are you talking?” or “I see your mouth moving but what is coming out?” or mythicallly “blahblahblah”. You never carry on too long when im interested either. I am a big fan of “gentle reader” a la emily post. I like your blog. Did I ever tell you that? Well I do.

  2. gillsmoke said,

    Honey, I’m referring to “Are you still talking? Because nobody cares.” although not technically “Shut up” metaphorically it is.

  3. crseum said,

    I never say nobody cares unless Im sure you are disobeying the rule that says “know your audience” and Im sure nobody in your audience is interested in your very specialized conversation points. Not because you are boring but because the topics themselves are clearly not of interest.

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