October 14, 2008

Almost halfway through,

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and still going strong. This beats the ten day record I had last year. I wrote a short story on my breaks, I retold the Cain story, more sympathetic to Cain, he killed Abel in self defense who was warned be God that Cain would come. I used Bible quotes and everything. There were several subtexts expressed in differing degrees of success, Cain was going to become a Vampire, God wasn’t the only divine being, just the one here. God was meddling, and finally God loved Cain

6.    Edit it
“the easiest way to get me to stop caring is to drop 4000 photos from your vacation like <raspberry sound> Why are you making me look at 5 pictures of the same historic plaque?” Don’t just write a bunch of random crap. write a bunch of random crap then filter it and edit it and make it a coherent thought.

See my last couple of posts could have used a little sensitivity training to get over the traps I set for myself. I need to Take Merlin Mann’s advice and follow my wife’s lead and get 5 or six posts going. Don’t just put words up and see what comes out. Seed some kernals and let them grow.


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  1. gretty said,

    So I dropped by hoping you’d posted something recently, and wow!
    You mean it!
    Keep it up.

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