October 15, 2008

After a long evening

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Somebody I know expressed a very important thought to a friend. It keeps rattling around my head. They said,”See, that’s the reason  could never date anybody who’s ever been a woman. They are evil. They all need male aproval and when they get it they are mean about it.” They’re right, look for the subtle reenforcement of the Idea again and again. It’s there if you look for it, and it is crazy way to be.

7.    No Cheese
I didn’t understand the ad link crap he was talking about so I’ll skip over that. but he did mention something I did understand an image and a link after the fold to generate more page views. Like I have time to be like that. Hey if anybody knows how do you make money with a blog could you tell me how that works? not that I’m too lazy to do a google search but I’m too lazy to do a google search.
I’m not bloging for money. I’m not discussing politics. I don’t have a religious agenda. I’m not Merlin Mann. Hell Gill Smoke isn’t even my name, but I love it so.


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  1. crseum said,

    So …..make us some money. Bitch. Also? if you start doing guys, can I watch?

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