October 18, 2008


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The chamber by the garden was open to the cool air.
“I’ve really have enjoyed the talks and the the the what do you call it again? To me it will always be tea to me. I must go and file my report”

The the the title escapes me, he’s a senschel; but I’m not sure he is nobility. Anyway he stands as if to see me off. “Is there nothing I can say to keep you?”
‘I’m afraid not”
“Then I’m sorry I must arrest you.” He knew my service agents were armed with beam weapons, and that I would not ask them to usde them.
“Let me guess orders from the lord of the planet”
“His most regal and mighty, yes.” he answered with a little humour.
“Listen I’ve always thought of our relationship with amity, I beg of you not to do this. There’s no way you can win by aressting me.” I pointedly looked at both of my guards.

His Gangalic was almost perfect, “I wish it were otherwise, but …” he spread his arms wide as he bowed out of the room. he loked the large doors as he exited.

Shit this is bad if he tries to ransom me like the local custom goes then he might as well abdicate. If the cargo vessel comes and there’s no contract then we are all in big trouble. Is this why this feudal ag planet is ambered? Whoever deals with us should get stronger then why is it harder and harder to get a stable goverment here?

This was the second prompt of the insane journal’s 15 min ficlet. I had about 30 minutes with it across the day.


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  1. gillsmoke said,

    In case anybody cares, this is Traveler fanfic. Traveler’s basic premise is there is a huge star empire, but instead of ruling planets they control the space between instead. It’s sort of an age of sail feeling, where the Third Imperium is sort of like the British empire. It’s all commerce.

    So what’s going on is the Empire wants a new spaceport built to facilitate commerce in the region. The planetary Lord wants concessions, the senschel understands the ambassadors position.

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