October 20, 2008


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Having been exposed to otherworldly experiences I understand things that my master doesn’t. To quote him, ‘Your blatant disregard for the sovereignty of my planet has made it impossible to negotiate further.’ So that’s that. I don’t expect you to stay beyond what’s reasonable but the longer you stay the better it will be for me. HE still thinks you are a part of the Imperial plan to remove him.

“There is no Imperial Plan.”
I know, just look how this sub sector has been going for the last 100 years, minor population growth, plenty of resources, two tightly packed star clusters, No Imperial presence. The only difference between us and the sub sector antispinward is we are Imperial in name. In fact the Concordant might even be doing better.
“That’s why we want facilities here, improved shipping, support for the Imperial navy, We even want to give you a planetary defense boat.” He already knew all this that being the base of our discussions. I fell silent, unsure how I was going to escape with the least casualties.
Our most regal and mighty sent a message to the bonding agency as soon as the dark company landed.

Commander, your blatant disregard for the safety of the noncombatants in the area has made necessary to remove you and your command from the Planet.
“our vid will show -”
“It is the recommendation of this governing body upon the Imperial ship P129 that you be moved off planet in the next 48 clicks or the Imperial Marines will be sent to find you. Your ticket roster shows personnel of 120 with outsourced Logistics. Is this you most recent list?”
Sir, we have had 5 causalities and another 25 off world, 10 wounded 15 securing supplies.
Very well when you leave planet side we will board you for a head count of 90, be prepared. and with that the connection was severed.
Damn, what the fuck did we do? We called out our positions and numbers like idiots trying to play by the local rules. Shit, this is the first time I ever wielded calvary. Hell, we used slug throwers only to protect our camp positions. Blatant disregard my ass. Try fucked up the ass by the planet’s god given right to rule as a dictator. I swear if I ever get near that peckerwood I’m going to kill him by any means necessary.
Commander LaSabre left her starship to see the XO to pass on the terrible news. The local insurgents were going to be obliterated The dark company knew that when they took the job, “We leave, they’re lost” Chivalrous Knights in shining amour my left nipple. We saw them burn crops and houses in retreat, we vidded them rounding up entire villages and taking them away, where did they go?
“Equis? Someone has besmirched our good name and we have to leave, Offer low berth to any locals who want it. Our mission is scrubbed. We got 48 to get floating.”

His name wasn’t Equis, it was Etaban. Miss ‘the Sword’ thought it was funny to misname him at every opportunity, she even asked xeno’s to pronounce the symbols X and O to come up with new names to call him. He was staring at a vid screen of a tactical computer that showed the relative positions of the military units on the ground. The dark company was a black dot supported by 5 gray archery units and 2 blue dots on either side representing irregular infantry. We are outnumbered 10 to 1 but the rules for engagement made it possible to play chess and hold off defeat indefinitely. it not that we’re better but we are. It’s we are better prepared.
He was almost glad when he got the order that it was time to leave. Enough with the piddly bullshit, although he was going to miss being called Sir James. He sent the command down, Low berth tickets for all and pack it in we’re going home to Command. Low berth tickets was going to be costly but giving the locals a chance was what this ticket was all about.

“Hey Olive, we still have those cans showing the other side was breaking the law?”
“Yes Milady Hold 3, the one across from the security camera to prove it has never been tampered with. You know we don’t have enough berths for all the locals, right?”

“I’m counting on it. That and shit for brains not being able to control himself and killing more than one of them. We may get shoved off world but we are gonna take him with us, preferably dead.



  1. gillsmoke said,

    getting longer, 768 in about an hour, I need to double that if I am going to get nano done this year. The other thing to notice is I’m making shit up as I go.

  2. gretty said,

    I feel some positive influence from d&d in here…

  3. crseum said,

    I was askared until i remembered it was fiction. I was all like “when did he get a master” and shit!

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