October 21, 2008


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This ship has it’s quirks but don’t let Rusty fool you she would kill all of us to keep this ship. Sandra said to the new crewmate. Been Travelling for long?

Well seems to me that I’ve always been drawn to the stars, little did I know that most of my life would become a week to acellerate, jump, a week to decellerate, turn around in less then a week and do the same thing.

These will be your quarters, You’ll be needed in astrogation tomorrow, until our first jump your cargo not crew. You can help if you want but If I were you I’d just stay out of the way.

When you say quirks, what do you mean?

Our ship is capable of a 3 jump but none of the other astrogators have been able to figure out how to get her to do it. some were Electrical Engineers and some were hardcore programmers, the last was a jump drive mechanic. He said, ‘the bitch doesn’t want to go that far, she’s lazy.’ That comment is what made the captian start looking for a new astrogator. If you can get her to jump three parsecs you will become the most valuable crew member if you can’t sooner or later Orwin will be back at plotting safe 1 jumps with the occasional 2. There’s other stuff too, like don’t use fresher 1 for number 2 and the port side docking linkages don’t open if she’s sitting on her belly. the vid screen all play the same channel so don’t try to mess with Charley’s programs and we’re overdue on an overhaul. Some of the systems are more than a decade past due, don’t worry they are all yours.

Great, let me guess the hand mods were too valuable to upgrade to generic junk.

Yep. our first couple of jumps will be a familiar trade route. The last one in the string is your chance to shine two for safe three for glory and it will be your call.

Shit. Rusty didn’t say anything about that.

Noo, hmm, he must be getting slyer in his aproach.

Can I get schematics and program dumps, now if I have monthe to do this I meed to get started.

Sandra smiled, “Not until tomorrow sweetheart, you’re cargo today.” She leaned on the door blocking the exit. “The lads will finish loading up, Captian will be looking for another stragler then we’ll be off. Crew meeting to discuss orders then you get to plot the course. Besides you get to clean this room up, it’s yours now.” and she locked the new girl into her room.

The xenophobe in Sandra was glad to shut the bitch in. Damn it Rusty you know I hate the muties worse than the non human. And this one, God the musk alone would knock you over. The damn thing thought she was her equal, I’m human your not so stop trying. Whoever thought up grafting the human genome on every species of mamal was an idiot. Clones were bad enough, but batch making hundreds of those things Gawd, it was so Island of Dr. Moreau. This one was a doggie kind, look like we will be eating meat for a good long while.

When she got to the cargo hold “Harold and Mike! Help the puppy and I’ll dock your pay!” She stomped away.
“and the goes double for you Finchie,” she muttered under her breath

-30 minutes


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  1. gillsmoke said,

    Don’t worry we’re getting back to the medieval stuff.

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