October 22, 2008


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Change of plans. We got an Imperial contract, 100 low berths You two lugheads did it preety like I asked, now unload it here.” Rusty passed Harold a slip around a mag key. “We are dead heading to a combat zone. Nothing floating except friendlies. dirtside we are taking the opposition offworld. Move it people we need to be outbound today. The money’s already in the bank, and we get maintenance for the priority.”
LaSabre’s command had moved to the river bank. Most of the locals were fishing for dinner some of hers had gone scouting for veggies to grill with the bounty being hauled in. The party atmosphere was not what she expected from some 300 people who were about to leave everything they ever knew behind. Maybe it was the tickets, long blue strips of flexible plastic sheet. “This entitles safe passage to the star system of your choice payable by Darkness Security LLC New Hespures, Halon IV”
James came up to her with a pod of fresh water, “You are a genius but it is going to cost you”
She sighed. “I guess ther was no luck finding any cryro pods.”
“I’m also going to geuss that our employers don’t have the creds to rise to high berth”
Nope, but there were a couple who don’t want to go until they have the cash to do so.
Then there were some who were planning on it being an hierloom, right of passage is a status elevator, you don’t belong to the ground you can take to the stars whenever you feel like it. From now on nothing under tech 7 ok? these tech three worlds are all green and stuff but I hate bows and arrows.



  1. crseum said,

    This is very booky! Novelly even! Genre-y! Wait a minute! Im watching you mister! Don’t try anything sneaky and think I wont notice!

  2. gillsmoke said,

    I will give you first look. you be able to attest to veracity of fresh verbiage.

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