October 23, 2008


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Regent Of Reltal. The Imperium finds you guilty of killing citizens of the Imerium in their free and given right of Travel. You are sentenced to your choice of 20 years of stasis plus 10 years confinement and removal of all titles or public execution.

I choose execution.

By the power given to me by the govener of this the Elias sector of the Imperium of Man I hereby sentence you to death by firing squad. It will procede tomorrow at the biggest city this salad bowl has. May whatever takes you be pleased by the offering.
You are guilty of multiple counts of embezzelment you were not authorized to extend travel to our employers. Who is going to pay the 200,000 credits already incured and the 150,000 that may be incured at any time from hence forth.

I take all responsibilities for the debt.

And how do you expect to pay 200,000 credits?

Low berthing the next 300 missions. That cost saving alone should make it possible to recoup the losses incured on my behalf.

Laughable, that’s what; more than a decade in cryro. Besides we cannot have a commander that’s asleep for 2 weeks of every mission. Your demotion is inevetable the cost is attached to your banking records if you quit making payments we will prosecute.


By the way, your plan worked his whateverness went bezerk killed everybody he could before the marines got him. death sentence I heard. Congrats now the company owns your ass. Good luck Lutenent



  1. gillsmoke said,

    I think that might be the end of that story for the most part. And see this is why I need an editor; ok writing, kind of involved plot; but not a coherent publishable story. Help me.

    On second thought I just need to throw the words out, forget the consequences.

  2. crseum said,

    Well you have 7 days. See about editing yourself. KINDLY. See where you could flesh it out (if you want to). Now seems like the time to do this because you have a whole week without need for word count. What do you think honey?

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