October 24, 2008


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When the Avenger class cruiser came in system, The messenger left. Courier, Spy the difference was minor. The cruiser was not at a La Grange point it was coming in cold and normal. What that all meant would be determined at the next couple of jumps. A messenger class courier could jump circles around a cruiser. the problem was no firepower or defences, if the cruiser got lucky being at the right place at the right time, the Messenger would need to reful and the cruiser would have at least a week to blast the poor flyspeck out of existance.
Skipper did they see us?
Too soon to say, I hope so. Takata had used the old Scout service trick of acellerating in one direction but jumping in another. Most milatary types fell for it. Some fell for it repeatedly.
Which message in the batch is it?
Is what?
The one that paints a bullseye on us?
Not sure
Which way now skipper?
Not sure, Lets make tea.
Which way Captian?
Isn’t that what I pay you for?
Yes sir but I’m used to hunting slower ships, with
Ensign, you are tempting me to kill the messenger. Since you are unwilling to venture a guess plot a course upstream to the next courier station.
Takata served out the tea, “since our persuers have not arrived yet lets assume they have not guessed our jump.”

Smith nodded as he sipped his tea, “I keep asking, Why do they persue us?”

A very good question. Our charter often puts us at odd with goverments and corporations but this almost seems personal. I think your right, we should look through the message batch before we decide which way to go.

Smith pulled out a star chart of the region, “This was our intended course.” and he drew a line from point to point across the page. “We were almost boarded here.” he said as he circled a point, and we took this exasive course drawing a line across three stars. We have enough fuel to go anwhere in here and he drew a circle around 9 stars including the three he had a line through.

Good, options are good. Intentions might need to be expressed now. I want to get our message batch delivered, on time would be best. I think we are not going to make it because we will need to refuel before we can get there.

Smith interupted, We could refeul here and go to this station. his guestures on the starmap indicated going past the courier stop. I’m sure it’s message related. if we pass them and 6 jump all the way home, He ltrailed off considering if he had the right idea.

Takata closed his eyes. He was quiet and still. He cleared his mind with tea and breathing. Finally he said, “Mr. Smith, Let us see which message we are hand delivering”
After a week at the Courier station Captian Madras has to give up her last hope. “Ensign plat a course for Halon IV, our mission is failed.”
Yes sir He replied
Let us hope the company will not kill the messenger.
I’m sorry skipper they won’t let us though, they want our message pack and want us to dock before departure.

I think our mission has just failed Smith. Our friends may not have found us but the messengers seem to have got in front of us. I think it was where double 3 jumped. I think a courier got ahead of us there. We should have went through the message pack a little better.

Skipper I think we did ok, We got 2 star systems away from the Sector capital and we did pass the message off a subsector ago

Takata smiled. “I know. Lets hope the hope they don’t kill us for not having the message. Let us dock and prepare to be boarded.”


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