October 25, 2008

Story time

Posted in Uncategorized at 09:55 0 by gillsmoke

NaNoWriMo will be here very soon and I have been writing almost cohereent plot lines. Well the thread is visable to me. I think I will take CRSE’s advise and edit it into a story, but I’ll do it in December. In fact I think I might start looking to get published, Again in December, I’ve got a Novel to write.

In the mean time I might get a little behind on posts this weekend, no I won’t. I’ve only got like a week to go, and look, Here’s Saturday’s post. Why would I get behind? Well gentle readrers, We have people staying over all weekend. In fact if CRSE knew I was writing instead of cleaning she would have my ass. Till next time think of me in a french maid costume (with fur).



  1. gretty said,

    Why does the french maid costume have fur????

  2. gillsmoke said,

    Me I’m furry.

  3. crseum said,

    Are you kidding? You posted this at 955. My ass wadn’t even out of bed! Im so proud of you. (not just for the cleaning, for the commitment to editing and working on publication because I know you can do this baby!)

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