October 27, 2008


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That’s the 15 min prompt but I’ve got nothing for my SF setting to go with that. But I have some things that rise unbidded within me.
Like rage at Jackassidy, although seeing people fawn over him makes me feel a little foolish for hating him so. Then when I come home and have to chase him when he bolts as I’m leaving him out then cleanning up today’s piss and poop, I feel vindicated.
Like frustration with the Turnip Why did I have to sleep on a chair dear child? because you can open locks. Hey when I ask where you’re going don’t tell me you’ll brb KaiThks.
Like Pride when I see Max play well with others, and he is comfortable with all sorts of people too it’s nice.
Like Joy when I see CRSE entertain, her face shines as she sees to peoples needs. Her control and steerage of the conversation is a beauty in and of itself.
Like guilt when I think about my gaming group, I still haven’t taken care of reporting and it sucks. I’ll take care of that today.  Though I think I have 2 more for the group.


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  1. gillsmoke said,

    wizards won’t let me report, their online software sucks ass. I can and did register new RPGA numbers for my Event but I needed 2 more cards to complete my section and they send me DCI membership cards that won’t let me enter if they don’t exist.. Sucktastic as always guys, thanks it’s a pleasure.

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