October 28, 2008

This just in

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Christian Children’s Fund Refuses Charity Tainted by D&D
What is this the eighties? My favorite part about the article was the inventer of D&D gave regularlly.
It always makes me wonder, What is motivating the behavior? Fear? Like the McCain signs in people’s yards, especially the “Another Democrat for McCain” I just want to march up to the doors and ask why? What is it that drives you to the other side. Don’t get me wrong I don’t have any illusions that Obama is a big two faced politician that will say anything to get elected (so is McCain)
I just want to ask why. I’m not even sure if I care about the answer. My dad is for the red side, when I talked to him the misinformation showed in his discussion. He Jumped on the “Spread the wealth” statment. When I pointed out that the amount of corperate welwfwre given to big business and that Bush spent money he didn’t have to wage wars he had no business in he said “I’ll have to look into that”.
Don’t get me wrong I’m not a real democrat. I’m really an Anarchist. I’m voting for Oboma but I really hope McCain wins. He’s going to Fuck some shit up. Armed revolt? maybe, vigorous dissention I sure hope so.
My father said, “Look the democrats have been in control of the Congress for 2 years and they haven’t done anything.” I have an answer to that, The Republicains are pulling the same tricks the democrats did when the tables were reversed. Blocked in committee hidden from the floor procedural votes stymied. We call that Nerfed in the nerd circles to good so it must be stopped.
Let’s change the election laws so None of the above is a viable choise, there would be a lot of empty seats. Let’s set some term limits 3 for the house 2 for the senete. Lets remove Money from the discourse. no lobby money allowed at all. Lets remove earmaks and have a balenced budget. Lets gpo back to isolationist forign policy, basiclly we’ll stop telling you how to run your country. All of these gaols sound reasonable and practical. However I don’t really see any of those things happening in my lifetime. As Darla BonBon always said, “Ohhh Weeelll.”

Anarchy The prefered goverment if Somalis since 1991


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