October 29, 2008

Nano Looming

Posted in Uncategorized at 16:23 0 by gillsmoke

I have a book to write. Since I stopped thinking I am going to get published, I thought this year I would just wing it. There was the constant nagging “you have to plan” feeling that I started calling fishy. As in, “that’s some fishy advice that sounds an awful like supossed to.” I got the feeling to go away by outlining a novel I thought I wanted to write, there were some weak points. I still have that draft so it may go off as a second (snicker). What I really wanted was something that would go with the theme of “10 years of literary abandon” I found it. There’s a thread about imaginary books and someone passed the Onion article. I’m taking it. Shitty first draft nothing, it’s a shitty finished imaginary book. I feel liberated, I’m writing Dog Days, by J. Phillip Edward. I can’t wait, must wait it starts this weekend.


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