October 30, 2008

Rock the vote tour ’08

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Since I found out that I was going to go to the concert in CRSE’s place I felt obligated to take notes to “Liveblog” the event. Don’t get too excited, I’m not nearly as amusing or polite as my wife. Let’s start with how I ended up going instead of CRSE. It’s the end of the month.

Really nothing besides that needs to be said. For those not in the know, my wife has paperwork due and monthly she does it all in the last couple of days, usually involving an all weekend write-a-thon to get it all completed. Since she hasn’t done her homework she can’t go. “Your going in my place,” she said. Now CRSE insists that she told me earlier in the week that I was going. I don’t remember that conversation, my calendar is empty so I didn’t write it down for either of us. CRSE is probablly right and I’m just a dumbass. I set all that up because I was supprised when she told me I was going.
“Really?” I asked.
“Really,” she said annoyed at my dumbassitude.
“Ok what time?” I asked
“You will leave no earlier than 6:20” she said precicely

As the clock wound around CRSE tasked me with feeding the kids and letting out the dogs, “No problem,” I thought. Then “Crap I’m running late.” I left the house at 6:30, stopped for caffeine support then went the rest of the way downtown. I had to go around the same block thrice due to being unfamiliar with the driving conditions downtown. As I pull in to park I call another member of my wife’s party.
“Where are we meeting?”
“I’m not sure, Where are you?”
“Parking, Where are you?”
“On our way, we’ll see you by the box office.”
I’m late and I’m still first? How does that happen?

It took nearly 20 minutes to get our entire party collected and in the venue. Liquor was required then up to our seats. First section, Top row, Stage left. Somebody was already playing.

Nora Jones
, I’ve never heard of her, Her set was alreaddy going on as I parked I’m sure. My biggest complaint all evening was the sound mixing. None of the voice channells were right all evening I could barely hear what was being said when there wasn’t music playing. Nora played the piano and her playing was good, very good.
Then was Perry Farrell’s Satellite Party. I’m not sure what to say. I kind of liked it though the guitarist was a walking distortion pedal, and was Etty Lau Farrell there for her boobies and ability to stand on one foot while touching the floor and hold her other leg striaght up in the air. Where’s the pole? I didn’t see a 2 drink minimum or the champagne room when I walked in either.
By now, all the people who are coming are here. The stadium is about two thirds full. Not bad for a Wednesday night if you ask me.
Sheryl Crow, She has almost won my begrudging support due to my girlfriend in Canada (NPR). Boys she short. I used to think she was a normal sized person with a large mouth. Now she is a freakishly small woman with a huge mouth. My allegiance went with Lance Armstrong after the divorce, since then I never liked her personally. Her music, well she can write a song, I’ll give her that much.
That brings us to Ben Harper, I never heard of this guy either, and that’s a shame. He plays mellow music with the intensity fueled by anger. His performance was on fire.
While he was playing some guy got thrown out, the Mrs. Kravitz in me wants to know what he did to get tossed out. and the cop kept pushing him even as the guy was walking out. Hmmm. There was another odd moment as a piece of confetti fell from above me and slowly spun down and fell into some lady’s 80’s hair. It fell for over a minute and I watched transfix. I also found out about early voting thanks to an announcer between acts. Well I just might have to go so I’ll have more time for writing.

The final act was the Beastie Boys, I’ve never been a fan of rap music,m ever. I’ve got to tell you the Beastie Boys were rocking. mix master Mike had a dead mike at the start. Apparently I’m not the only one getting old I could see the hearing protection from way up here. Everybody was dancing, everybody. The boys posed for pictures from the guy shooting the event, and Ben Stiller came out and sang as a replacement for Mike D for a couple of moments on a couple of songs.

I got home about Midnight. Then The Turnip who fell asleep before 8pm, got up at 4:30 want to watch “Tee Bee” (TV) in the living room and eat some “smacks”. OK. I got this. he trotted off by 6 and I passed out to Nicktoons network before Norm came out at 7. Hmmm, I’m tired.



  1. crseum said,

    Awww Im glad you had fun. Do I know my people or what? You were “late” stopped for caffeine and were still the first one there. When will you learn to listen to me baby? Also, have you proven that was Ben Stiller?

  2. gretty said,

    I am sick about missing the show, but you did a great job of recreating the experience for me – thanks!

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