December 12, 2008

BDay wishes

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I had a birthday, what suprised me was the amount of well wishes on my FaceBook wall. Thank you to all.

And to those who wish to friend me there I’ll get to that. FYI, I’m boring.

And to those who care I had a lovely time with the family.


December 2, 2008

Thank God It’s Over

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NaNo’s have a tradition of throwing TGIO parties, well I failed again. So yeah, TGIO because I still suck and I don’t write.

Well sort of, A guy I work with and I have a wierd interplay going on. I got him started on podio fiction. He got me hooked on Scot Sigler He started talking about a twisted thought that might make a cool story, so viola we are colaberating on a short piece of Siglerisimo fanfic. If we get it written and Junkie Mae’s podcast it we will let you know.

While I’m thinking about the writing of fanfic (not something I envisioned for myself) I am reminded about H. P. Lovecraft and August Derleth Derleth got his start writing Lovecraft fanfic then started a puplishing house to get the good racist published.