December 2, 2008

Thank God It’s Over

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NaNo’s have a tradition of throwing TGIO parties, well I failed again. So yeah, TGIO because I still suck and I don’t write.

Well sort of, A guy I work with and I have a wierd interplay going on. I got him started on podio fiction. He got me hooked on Scot Sigler He started talking about a twisted thought that might make a cool story, so viola we are colaberating on a short piece of Siglerisimo fanfic. If we get it written and Junkie Mae’s podcast it we will let you know.

While I’m thinking about the writing of fanfic (not something I envisioned for myself) I am reminded about H. P. Lovecraft and August Derleth Derleth got his start writing Lovecraft fanfic then started a puplishing house to get the good racist published.


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