January 16, 2009

Doom of Mayan proportions

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I’ve been thinking ever since I read this in 43Folders Clips . I’ve been thinking about data, memory, information vs knowledge, and a whole lot of crap that are first world problems. <rant>Except money makers on TopCoder are from around the world like these guys in China Which reminds me about a quote I once read “Starving children in Cambodia are learning to write programs” <\rant> Around the holidays I bought a 4GB memory stick and loaded XAMPP and mediawiki on it After reading the above post I have begun to put my public data into my private brain.

And still the fear haunts me, what would I do if I lost my brain? Some of you may snicker there, but the fear is growing. What if twitter changed to a subscription model, what if Google closes gmail, what if wordpress was sold as hard assets? I know a bunch of what ifs Like what if AOL bought up a bunch of free hosting sites and then pulled the plug on all of them without telling anybody, inconceivable I know. But they did, and now I wonder about the safety of my data. Why would I care if I lost all my wordpress posts? Nobody read them anyway. What if my crappy cellphone novel just disappears, who cares? To be honest I’m not sure even if I do, but the feeling I get is like being audited or that dream where there’s a test that you are not ready for. It’s like a digital form of Alzheimer’s, these digital memories are lobotomized out of reality. Again, who cares? Go make more more content with some other “free” provider. But that’s not the point. I want to remember that every November I basically stop blogging to write a bunch of words nobody ever reads (not even me), I look at my old posts around the new year and my birthday to look for signs of change (BTW not so much)

At work I have lost my email twice, when I moved machines and a hard drive failure, I didn’t really loose anything of importance to me, but I could see a legal battle where that would be awful.

At home I just got a new computer and there’s a harddrive with 60 gigs of data waiting to be put back into circulation. Till I plug the drive in the data only sort of exists.

Maybe I should just start writing everything down on paper too bad I have crappy handwriting.

Here I am fearing the Datapocalypse, until next time I’ll be reading Proust.


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