January 29, 2009

Wide awake review

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So I watched Wide Awake the other day, the premise seemed intresting, an independent film maker chronicles his own troubles with sleep. as a partial insomniac living with another insomniac this might be kind of cool. To borrow a phrase from CRSE “Get over yourself, nobody cares,” to which I would add “StFU!” The film maker makes a tremendous deal about not being able to get to sleep or stay asleep. The part that triggers the red flag of disbelief is his self diagnosis “Everybody tells me I look tired, and if you ever ask me how I’m doing, I’d probablly say ‘Tired’.” So you get off on being tired ok I can deal with that. The rest of the show was a self indulgent look at sleep, the science of sleep, and why the film maker is an asshole. He gives it away in the last 10 minutes, he spends hours cutting pictures from newspapers then sorting them into little boxes. That sir is not creative work that is (as CRSE would say) “mental masterbation”. You have a young child the you made sure went to bed at eight pm so daddy can go jolly himself. You sir are a prize asshole. Rumination my ass, nobody asked for you to archive the world, we have a library for that. Nobody asked you to stay up all night thinking stupid shit. Oooooo, mommy and daddy were fighting at night for years Booo Hoo Hoo. Sit down and Shut up! Like you are alone there, whatever. I wasn’t mad while watching the show but the whole affair is one of those things that come back in the middle of the night like this, what a wanker. did I really watch the whole thing? Yes I did, it’s a good thing I was folding laundry otherwise when I wake up in the middle of the night I’d want my time back.


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