February 13, 2009

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So my wife says to me, “By the way that person you met a couple of days ago? They might be moving in.”

“WTF?! Y?” was my natural response

Deflecting the way she did when she brought home the dog, “You know people did it for us when we were young.”

I knew the fight was already lost. It’s not like we haven’t had people stay with us before. That’s not the point. I have spent one evening in thier presence, that is not what I would call the beginning of a long term relationship.

Our house is a mess, my mind is a scattered landscape of unfullfilled wishfulness, nonexsistant social life, my life is dominated by never getting anything done. Now there might be two additional people enjoining the mascerade? What are you thinking?

Then I also saw on George Lopez the exact situation play out
Angie George’s wife, “Do you have a safe place to sleep”
Woman who left her boyfriend, “I’ll sleep in my car if I have to”
George, “You go girl”
Angie, “No no no, You can -”
George, “Angie what are you thinking? Did you see that guy?”

Exactlly! I want no part of whatever mess that has brought [NAME AND ADDRESS WITHHELD *] to this point. I’ll help, but moving them in seems like a lot to ask of me when my fountain pens shipped a day ago. That’s a nonsequiter, I’m praticing for the Turnip.

It’s not that I mind, I don’t really. “They are old enough to be your children,” CRSE says to make me feel old and pathetic. Only if I had kids in high school dork. I wasn’t even sexually active then, so there! Not my kid. It’s not like I want to see them go to the mission ar anything. Just look how hard I have to work to keep my slothful demeanor. Now there’s going to be new people around so I’m going to have to act better and be nicer and stuff. It’s not worth the warm fuzzy feeling CRSE is going to get. I’d rather sleep in and stay surly.

* That’s a Spongebob reference, in case you missed it. What? Like you didn’t see the Spongebob Christmas special 53 times. The turnip really should work for an Islamic intelligence organization. “Me no mean, you are, No do what I told you to. Now!” Remind me to tell you about his hour long screaming fit when I dropped him off. Crse described it in one word, “Horrid.”



  1. crse said,

    What up with your insane overreaction my man? Non-existent social life please. You wish. And look how clean parts of our house are now. I don’t think they’re coming anyway. Goofball…

  2. gill_smoke said,

    About time you start reading my blog.
    I am entitled to my feelings. “Can I go game?” your social life is not my social life. I bashed some skulls and you left. Doesn’t matter, you said, “Sure you can stay at our house.” not, “I have to talk to my husband.”

    And lastly, “I’ve got hurt feelings.” was still rattling through my brain.

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