March 1, 2009


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I love Joss Whedon since I found out about his art. Firefly is the most entertaining thing I never knew about on television. When I watched it on DVD I kept exclaiming, “Why didn’t I know about this?” So here’s my place on making sure the boat doesn’t get missed again. Dollhouse Fox Friday nights set your DVR’s.

Dennik asked, “It’s not another Alias is is?” well 2 of the three episodes do have disguises of sorts but getting dressed up isn’t really the point. The next episode is the “let’s be bad guys” episode and Echo goes blank during the operation. That never happened on Alias (well I don’t know that for sure I never watched that show).
If you have missed the shows they are on, they even have some bonus material.
So without spoiling too much
Episode 1 Ghost is a kidnap negotiation that doesn’t go perfect
Episode 2 Target is The Most Dangerous Game retelling
Episode 3 Stage Fright is a singing bodyguard to protect a singer who wants to die.
I have watched all the episodes several times paying attention to what is going on in the background. there’s some subtle stuff, but mostly it feels like we are just warming up to what’s to come.


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