March 25, 2009

Breaking Bad

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So how’s this for a premise? A high school science teacher finds out he has cancer and decides to make Meth to pay for his treatment and to set his family up for life.
Wait it gets better it takes place in Albuquerque (Which if you ever spent any time there you know it is basically full of tweakers), and his brother in law is a DEA agent. I know, I gotta see this it’s right up my alley. The ad said Season Premiere even better.

Now the downside, Season 2, What?! Whatever I already set my DVR to catch it, Lets see if it is worth it. YES it is. After watching it I had to get the rest of the series, and I have to tell you it’s good, real good. The camera work is wonderful. The characters are all twisted. The questions they raise is worth the uncomfortable moments and it is a nice distraction from Vampire Wars on facebook. Friend me and join my clan, and if you have gotten a Sorority Life invitation from me know it is my wife and not me. And know this too if I were playing it like my wife does there’s nothing wrong with that.

Just set your DVR’s to watch Breaking Bad.


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