April 17, 2009

So here’s what I got

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Screnzy is a wash this year. the sooner I face facts the sooner CRSE will pat my head and say, “I told you so.” In addition to that I have got to finish my JAVA class, I’m feeling like a total loser for not getting that done (14 class hours my ass). My brain is percolating thoughts and Ideas but I can’t seem to get them meaningful enough to write them down.

Oh look a segue.
Boss: Have you heard from these customers?
Me: No, Nobody wants to talk to me.
Boss: You noticed that.
Me: Yeah, I’m a jerk. But I am a friendly jerk.
Boss: I see.

So to all of those I have rubbed the wrong way. I am sorry I am such a jerk. I will endeavor to make that better. As CRSE describes it “Stop being so … Rraa” (shakes hands in a trembling way). Point taken


April 10, 2009

What does it mean

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WotC has stopped all PDF sales due to piracy concern, Merlin Mann would be disappointed.

Stevie Nicks has said, “Because the music business is in terrible trouble. People are stealing our music. That’s all there is to it. In the old days … they would help you to develop into the artist that they knew you were going to be. In the last 10 years, the record companies don’t have the money to do that. I don’t know what the answer is to it. The only thing I can say to people is, ‘Buy music, do not steal music.’ If you do, you won’t have any new music later on.” Jonathan Coulton would beg to differ.

AP sent a cease-and-desist letter to an affiliate from the AP’s Chicago office after posting content from the AP’s YouTube channel on its Web site. Fail Blog needs to know and the Accociated Press need to RTFM!

Here’s my take on what and why:

Hasbo is as a company one word STUPID. They made a similar stupid choice when it came to Scrabulous. Sue based on IP then release a crappy version. Scrabulous returns and is better than ever. Hmmm. Why wouldn’t you make them license your IP instead of trying to strong arm them out of business.

WotC is a division Hasbro, therefore they are going to make the same crazy legal decisions based on fear. Hey Hasbro make a new game instead of retooling your old ones (New Clue I’m looking ate you.) Then maybe people would buy your stuff. I have no idea what Microsoft is paying Hans Im Gluk to option Carcassone but making it available to XBox players has got to be good for business.

It is the connections we make that make being so interconnected worth while. I am glad I am alive at this moment. I forget where I read it but there was an online article or blog post about making B2B and consumer web experiences better. The point that comes to mind is Free leads to Sales I don’t think it was stated as such but that was the point. That writer had an agenda about customer service reps should join in a development relationship with their customers (“this product should have this feature”, or “what about making something that does THIS?”)
Somebody already figured out it is on tour where you make your money as a band, selling music is really a 0 sum game, there’s no money in it. If people like your stuff they will get your music one way or another. If you give them the hit single for free and charge some for the rest of the album (somebody needs to come up with a better term for this in digital music land) people will buy it.

If you don’t understand what your company is trying to do when it releases content don’t be suprised when they use it and redistribute it. Hey there’s a EULA that describes your hosted rights. (I read the EULA and the manual and I have to tell you, scary language, Viri should have EULAs “Not responsible for breaking your stuff, and you can’t sue me” clauses are nice. Thy adding some EULA language to some of your conversations)

I know an author, who gives his books away in a serialized podcast format. His books sell well on Amazon. Publishers have taken notice and tried to sign him. The first thing they all told him is you have got to stop giving it away for free if we are going to sell your books. To which he responded you wouldn’t be selling my books if I hadn’t given them away, Your company rejected my work, I’m not going to stop, my fans wouldn’t let me. If I have any readers left kudos to who can leave a comment of the authors Identity. (I am retelling the story from memory which is why no link)
Welcome to the new media, doesn’t mean there is no room for the old media just less. Doesn’t mean there’s no room for profit, It just belongs to the artists but it is a smaller pie.