April 17, 2009

So here’s what I got

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Screnzy is a wash this year. the sooner I face facts the sooner CRSE will pat my head and say, “I told you so.” In addition to that I have got to finish my JAVA class, I’m feeling like a total loser for not getting that done (14 class hours my ass). My brain is percolating thoughts and Ideas but I can’t seem to get them meaningful enough to write them down.

Oh look a segue.
Boss: Have you heard from these customers?
Me: No, Nobody wants to talk to me.
Boss: You noticed that.
Me: Yeah, I’m a jerk. But I am a friendly jerk.
Boss: I see.

So to all of those I have rubbed the wrong way. I am sorry I am such a jerk. I will endeavor to make that better. As CRSE describes it “Stop being so … Rraa” (shakes hands in a trembling way). Point taken


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