July 22, 2009

A reason to resume blogging

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I’ve had an Idea for a review site for a while. Something anonymous where people could send me a review. I edit it or just approve it and onto the site it goes. This is a review of the kind I would want to receive.

Hey Denny’s in Ponce PR, I know the ugly gringo tried to order in Ingles but that’s no reason to burn my food. The picture held such promise, but my Sizzling Chicken Platter was a charred pile of burnt Fail. What makes it most insulting was it was my first meal in three days. (I think that story is the next post.) My meal was awful but I ate it anyway, partly because I don’t know how to complain in Espanol, but mostly because I kept figuring I had to eat something, 3 days makes a fast, before that you’re just stalling. And by the way even the coffee was burnt. I rate this one of the worst dinners in my adult life. It’s up there with the “American Style” Restaurant in China, which is best summarized as, “Whoa buddy that wasn’t a cow steak that was shoe leather or dog and I’d rather not know which”.


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