October 27, 2009

random dinner thoughts

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If I were a vampire I’m sure I would be bad at it. Casual bar conversation is not something I could ever do.
I’m also sure I carry the right look of ridiculous to be totally unnoticeable. I’m trying to eavesdrop on conversation while writing and am picking up nothing.
My server tonight is a pro, college aged dirty blonde in a toss up knot, pale slightly freckled skin blue green eyes slight New Yorker accent. Her perfume is sharp and strong. Another couple just got seated in the “I’m trying to close this section”. I think our pro is trying to go home, considering the economics of staying after the dinner rush, the tips per hour go way down after 8. That cackle from across the bar can only mean one thing some one else is going to be driving her home.
The couple on the other side of the half wall divider, you know in the ‘Lounge’ section, is an odd pair. He looks like a second string baseball player and she looks like an old school science geek with a too hi hairline and fish lips over braces. They are texting other people while discussing the fidelity of their friends. The n comes this gem from her “He’s a kept man, it’s true! After he got out then they had those kids and now he has to do whatever she says. They are living off her family and as long as he behaves those kids will want for nothing.” Wow that’s a NaNo plot bunny right there. The older couple in front of me just left. They paid dutch at the last minute, he with cash her with a card. They split the check after the server came over, “Oh no it’s nooo bother at all.”
The manager is over there having his free nightly meal. I wonder if he told the cooks or snuck it in as a customer order to trick the cooks. You can tell alot about a manager by that one little bit of privilege. He’s too old to be just an assistant manager.

Two wines for the table behind me, they must be married because there is very little said. All the bar patron are paired up except that one guy drinking martinis. men are there with their buds or their better half. There are 2 shrews in the crowd, not that anybody but me notices. and over there is a female trio in a full on bitch session.

There’s something about the Denny’s here that rubs me the wrong way. I think it is the attitude of the employees, there’s a sort of “I’ll get to it when I feel like it.” on both sides of the counter. Here at Applebee’s my veggies are a little too crisp, but the rest of my meal is just perfect. And thanks to my Holiday Inn Keycard I got 10% off. Is that TMI? Do you know where I am? Didn’t think so.

So how is a grown man alone supposed to act when he goes out for dinner. I always feel awkward but do whatever I feel like. When I ate dinner last night I ate with a laptop listening to Contagious by Scott Sigler and played Lux Delux. Tonight I have barely stopped writing to eat. and when I first got into town I had Personal Effects Dark Arts by J.C. Hutchins. I don’t think the average diner does this. I don’t seem to be drawing attention to myself and my index cards are hidden by my hand, not that people can read my hurried scribbles in a casual way.

I filled 4 sides of 3by5’s and filled in a little editing to make it a little more coherent.