November 24, 2009

Surrender 2009 NaNoWriMo

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This is the official “I give up on NaNoWriMo this year” post. I never started. I never tried. I was promised great pain if I decided to attempt it. I still need to finish my java class and schedule the test before Dec. 29 or I basically forfeit $400.00, I better get busy then.


I post my progress here.


November 23, 2009

Random thoughts from a place near an abyss

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I saw him. He looked woozy sipping water. The old chap didn’t look so good. An attendant was talking to him. He looked like he was just trying to keep his shit together. He slumped to the floor with a thump. Then the crew panic began.

“Everybody back.”


“Everybody back.”


“Everybody back.”


“Everybody back.”

Now do the hokey pokey and turn yourself about, I was thinking “Is this the start of a pandemic like on 12 Monkeys?” As he got wheeled out on a wheelchair with an airplane oxygen mask shaking his head with a look of disgust on his face I knew, “Nope just a panic attack.”

I think it was an omen.

I thought of the following tweets while working:

Why in the fuck am I at the Hilton? You say it’s a little cheaper. Not after I buy internet it isn’t. (I later found out the trick, get the wireless code then go to your room and put it in.)

MMMMM Sigler’s Nocternal, tasty. I think it’ll work out this time. (I should give a review, maybe later)

The sole reason I hate PR has nothing to do with anything here. It’s my sinuses, splitting headaches constant drip no relief.

What was I doing? oh yeah pretending that I know what I’m doing. Give me a sec. There does it match?

After staring at a chart for 5 minutes I remember what William said “I’ve been here 20 years and I still don’t understand that paper.”

I’m not a knowledge worker per se but trying to find all the information for this job is a lot like Merlin Mann writing a book.

“If only I could find that perfect apostrophe.” Only the graphic designer left 5 years ago and I can’t go home until it is found.

Subtle mob see:, There’s another concept that needs to go to San Fransisco, but charge 40 bucks a head.

Home by Thanksgiving. Now stop messing around and get back to work.

I extended several times and need to buy some clothes on a Sunday and wrote:

So I thought I was being extra slow this morning having a long breakfast and catching up on Mafia wars.Turns out that although the mall doors open at 10am on Sunday the mall opens much later. I’m heading back to the hotel to find a Walmart. Turns out they don’t open till noon either. Wow, I think I just need to relax.

I finished Personal Effects Dark Arts by JC Hutchins pretty good but once I got into it I didn’t fiddle with the extras included with the book. I have a suggestion how it could have worked better (perhaps I can review the book another time). again a pretty good story  but the best parts are the “Brought to you by,” commercials at the end of the episodes (I’ll probably reviw this as well).

The afternoon after I got home I lost my mind, I couldn’t keep my cool. I didn’t get it together till after the party we totally missed. This is a public Apology to my family, I’m Sorry. I will endeavor to do better. I was controlling and irrational, please forgive me.

November 3, 2009

Perfect Pitch

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Like Merlin Mann I too am interested in Perfect Pitch. Do you care about Perfect Pitch? If you do I think you might want to look into Perfect Pitch.

Spoiler ahead.

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November 2, 2009

Errie Applebee’s

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Different Applebee’s totally different kind of pro. Marty is a slight of hand magician. Norm who still believes in ‘real’ magic would be impressed. I have the nagging questions. “how long did it take to get that good?” “Could you show me how to …?” and so on. I think I’ll just close my trap and let him entertain me. And I will tip a little better for the effort.

Garcia’s review

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I’ve been here before, R. suggested I try it and when I couldn’t find it he brought me here himself. I liked it so well I came back on my own.
It’s the kind of place where Immigration is a serious threat. This time I got the Enchilada combo dinner one each Beef Chicken Bean and Cheese. The Enchiladas were berfect but the platter had way too much lettuce and none of the extra cheese I ordered. It was a fine meal regardless. The resturante is attached to a bowling alley and I was sat in a tiny room off the main room. The expected Mexican music was blaring. There have never been packed but the food is amazing.
The odd thing is I have yet to see el baño.

Contagious Review

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I LOVED “Infected”. of all the stuff I have listened to by Scott Sigler Infected is my favorite. I held off listening to Contagious until after the whole thing was finished. I had high expectations from the book. I was a little let down. Don’t get me wrong I like the book. The problem is I’m not in love with it like I was with Infected. I think it might have to do with Perry Dawsey. He is a hunter killer role due to the mesh that is still in his head. His character carried Infected but seems to drag on Contagious. In Infected Dew Phillips and Dr. Montoya were one side of the story and Perry the other. In Contagoius they are all on the same side of the storytelling frame while a new character takes the role Perry did in the other novel. What I liked was the pacing, Scott had something to ration out for every episode. The later episodes were a little long to contain all the action of the climax. Since I was listening all at once that didn’t really effect me. What I didn’t like was Perry’s plot arc. Not that it didn’t ring true, the scary thing just wasn’t there for me. It was there for the other characters, and he was quite screwy before he came around. But I wasn’t frightened of Perry. Mostly because I don’t have an alien infection in me. If I continue to itch I might be more inclined to be frightened of him. Some of the other supporting characters in the last book get a bigger treatment in this book. I’m thinking in particular the soldiers tasked with fighting the hatchings.

Is there a a real Scram jet airplane? I know the science Scott put in to it is real enough and I saw the laser plane on the news. The really cool things about the book I will not disclose. But the gadgets and “Less Lethals” are worth listening for.