January 16, 2009

Doom of Mayan proportions

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I’ve been thinking ever since I read this in 43Folders Clips . I’ve been thinking about data, memory, information vs knowledge, and a whole lot of crap that are first world problems. <rant>Except money makers on TopCoder are from around the world like these guys in China Which reminds me about a quote I once read “Starving children in Cambodia are learning to write programs” <\rant> Around the holidays I bought a 4GB memory stick and loaded XAMPP and mediawiki on it After reading the above post I have begun to put my public data into my private brain.

And still the fear haunts me, what would I do if I lost my brain? Some of you may snicker there, but the fear is growing. What if twitter changed to a subscription model, what if Google closes gmail, what if wordpress was sold as hard assets? I know a bunch of what ifs Like what if AOL bought up a bunch of free hosting sites and then pulled the plug on all of them without telling anybody, inconceivable I know. But they did, and now I wonder about the safety of my data. Why would I care if I lost all my wordpress posts? Nobody read them anyway. What if my crappy cellphone novel just disappears, who cares? To be honest I’m not sure even if I do, but the feeling I get is like being audited or that dream where there’s a test that you are not ready for. It’s like a digital form of Alzheimer’s, these digital memories are lobotomized out of reality. Again, who cares? Go make more more content with some other “free” provider. But that’s not the point. I want to remember that every November I basically stop blogging to write a bunch of words nobody ever reads (not even me), I look at my old posts around the new year and my birthday to look for signs of change (BTW not so much)

At work I have lost my email twice, when I moved machines and a hard drive failure, I didn’t really loose anything of importance to me, but I could see a legal battle where that would be awful.

At home I just got a new computer and there’s a harddrive with 60 gigs of data waiting to be put back into circulation. Till I plug the drive in the data only sort of exists.

Maybe I should just start writing everything down on paper too bad I have crappy handwriting.

Here I am fearing the Datapocalypse, until next time I’ll be reading Proust.


October 13, 2008

NaNo jitters

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I’ve been having talks with my internal editor who keeps going, “you can’t write.” “You never going to make 50k.” “Why are you even bothering?” I tell them to shut up and go away, but after a day or two I come back to what I have written and I have to tell you, ‘not so good’ is what comes to mind. I need to do the editing that’s in point 6 but we’re not there yet BTW, CRSE’s a brute

5.    Respect
The key thing here was passion being famous amongst bloggers is a losers reward. having the key guy in you obsession know who you are is the coolest thing for a fanboy. Hey if I see Adam West at a convention, I think I might ask four questions about Fairly odd parents, mostly because the rest of the pannel are Batman people. Now looking at me I don’t denigrate people, say generally offensive things.


If you knew my wife you’d know she’s a sissy and doesn’t like hurting anything. I called her a brute because she hit me in the nose, not that I didn’t deserve it, sending my glasses flying and giving me a bloody nose. It was an accident, it was kind of funny. I was looking to leave a clue and pick it up later. I reread it now and it looks like I’m antagonistic with my wife, in a very cliche not us kind of way.


October 11, 2008

Saturday night

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I do believe lame two point Oh was a perfect description of the events. Although there were several taboo topics of discussion, having Sling Blade summon security on me for my private cellphone call for fear of my sanity is probably the height of irony.

3.    Explain it
Why should anybody care about whatever you’re interested in? What is it that drives your interest. Wouldn’t it be cool if everybody knew about it? Now it’s your turn. He also suggests “skip to the fifth post” the first ones are the obligatory this is why I’m writing what I am. Start at the meat, go straight for the juicy bit. Turning back to me my blog is established but not constant. That might change but I doubt that. What do I blog about. Whatever strikes my fancy at the moment. My byline in the side column suggests I want to write. So here’s the why of it. I’ve read a couple of books and felt the WTF feeling rise up in me. Somebody got paid to write that? I could write a better story than that. But of course I can’t. I have no idea how to structure stuff, and when I verbally tell stories my wife’s eye visably glazes over in bordom.  Show not tell is not a strength of mine. Leaving hints is and I have been trying it out a little, didja notice (shut up, don’t tell, don’t tell, don’t tell)? I can ramble on about D&D for hours and sometimes do (My current bitch, Wizards of the Coast has not sent new membership cards. I got an email Friday saying the should arrive in 10 to 12 days). But I’ve got an EN World account that comes with a free blog for that. I’m not giving that the attention it requires. I may I may not. My other obsessions, if you stick around long enough you may get to find them.

October 10, 2008

late night coffee

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So what in the hell are you doing until 2am if you’re not at a bar? Playing Lux of course. Lux Delux is a Risk like game with lots of user support since I don’t have a lot of dispossabe income I have to be picky about where I plunk 20 dollars. I keep thinking I want to buy this game. The demo cripples you after 30 games but those 30 games are wonderful. Would you give up you lunch money for it? I think Im going to, jsut not today.

Merlin’s second point
2.    Daily
and he goes on to say that he doesn’t mean post every day he means work on you blog everyday. Obsessive reseach, working on posts, editing, comment managment, forum managment whatever. Kick it up a level. Make it a daily habit like checking email, do you remember a time when you didn’t do that? Today make your blog a part of your day. I have this month but I still need to go further. November is novel writing time and I’m undecided whether I will be posting it or not, I just might post word counts to make CRSE bitter.

October 9, 2008

From Merlin Mann’s blog talk

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He’s the one that got me started with a Hipster. I’ve got to tell you I use mine a little differently. He’s got a little stack that he processes daily. I’ve got a big stack that I use like a planner, with a scribbled note page on top that I process all the time. Ubiquitous capture is what I’m shooting for.

Back to his blog talk. It was at a blog confrence, these were people looking to make money by blogging. I’m not in that camp but what he had to say applies to me. How do you write a good blog? His answer is:

Find your obsession.
Every day, explain it to
one person you respect.
Edit everything, skip shortcuts,
and try not to be a dick.
Get Better.

He repeated the points several times breaking it down to:
1.    Obsession
2.    Daily
3.    Explain it
4.    One person
5.    Respect
6.    Edit it
7.    No Cheese
8.    No Dick
9.    Better

The first thing I did was make a Hipster card and add it to my stack. Covering his first point I’m obsessive about just about everything I come into contact with I have been at least daily adding cards to the Infinite Dvorak Deck for most of the year. I’ve never mentioned it here but it’s a interesting thought experiment. I am playing Living Forgotten Realms and I’m keeping track of three forums to stay on top of developments. I’ve started using Maptools to expand my play opportunities. I think I’ve convinced CRSE to do NaNoWriMo this year. her efforts last year have led to this current NaBloWriMo effort. I have become enamored to the Escape artists podcasts. So what do I focus my energy on?  Hmmm? Should I start 8 more blogs, one for every interest? I think not, I need Arthurian readers. Readers who can love me as a whole loaf instead of just slices. (name the movie in the comments and I’ll slap you with a trout) I’m an obsessive kind of guy. A coworker once quipped that I knew things that only 5 people knew in the Renaissance. If I do it’s because I’m curious and want to know more than I do. I owe a lot to Wikipedia giving me obscure information that has very little conversational value.
P.S. There’s also my girlfriend in Canada whispering secrets in my ear.

June 12, 2008

On My TODO: list

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Dear readers,
I assure you I have not died. Since returning from Puerto Rico I have been driven to distraction from my normal diversions. There will be something of substance in the near future. Till then please feel free to abuse me in your thoughts.

December 22, 2007

New Project

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I have a Hipster PDA I have it right here in my front pocket, complete with pen. Ubiquitous capture tool, yep. How’s it working out? not so much. I mean I use it, just not every day. When I do use it it is often for other people to jot something down or the bank checks I have sequestered there. So I haz an Idea. If’n I keep it in my pocket it will never get used I need it out and doodled upon, Doodled? ART! Why yes it’s genius. Monday Blog posts with last weeks art card. I like it, it fulfils many of my personal goals at once. I have had this Idea for a while. I’ve been waiting for the end of the year to spring it. I might have to challenge Grety or Crawlspace to try it too. Hell I challenge all 4 of my readers to do it.The Rules:
For the 52 weeks of 2008 I intend to make a single piece of art on a 3X5 index card. No cards can be so similar as to be considered the same (flip books and color / tonal studies are out). The card is the item. One can create a photo and print it to a 3X5 or a digital image.
I also intend that these should be shared with the world so the must be shown on this blog in a timely manner. Jan 1 is a Tuesday so last weeks card must be shown between the following Monday and Wednesday.

My art is graded thusly:
5 points for posted on time, one point deducted for every day late (min 1 point)
up to 3 points for difficulty attempted
1 point for relevance
1 point for color/tone use

1 bonus point for each found (not generated) collage item (max 3)
1 bonus point for production in public (work does not count as public)
1 bonus point for usefulness (for example used in a discussion, or a map)

10 points possible
5 bonus points possible

520 points for the year with 260 bonus points. My goal for this year is to do better than half total and half bonus for a goal of 364 (15/2 = 7 average points * 52 weeks).

October 29, 2007

Writing assignment What writing assignment

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I will have to take a makeup on my magic story. I’m turning it into my NaNoWriMo story this year. I have lots of blogging to catch up on.

Here we go:
GB’s belated Meme

Four First Names of Crushes I’ve Had (In order)
1. Cathy
2. Sondra
3. Carole
4. Kathy

Four Pieces of Clothing I wish I still owned
1. Suicidal Tendancies Tee shirt
2. Slayer Tee shirt
3. Microfiber jacket
4. my baby shoes

Four names I’ve been called at one time or another (I have nicer ones if you want)
1. Asshole
2. Dickhead
3. Shit for brains
4. Fucker

Four Professions I secretly Want to Try
1. Writer
2. Psycic
3. Correctional Officer
4. Truck Driver Stunt Athlete (heard on a commercial must try it)

Four Musicians I’d Like To Go on a Date with (you didn’t say it had to be romantic in nature, I want the following around a table)
1. Buster Poindexter
2. Richard Cheese
3. Mike Muir
4. Tom Waits
WAIT !!! Those are all singers, let’s try that again
1. Alex King
2. Frank Zappa
3. Jimi Hendrix
4. Abvril Lavene (sic)
At least those are singers who play guitar even if they weren’t all living at the same time.

Four Foods I’d rather Throw than Eat
1. Banana (in fact I throw it about quite frequently as a non sequiter)
2. Liver
3. Lima beans
4. Mayo

Four Things I Like to Sniff
1. Garlic
2. flowers
3. blood
4. My strong urine (a hint of citrus, time for water)

Four People to Tag:
1. normtasia
2. Crawlspace
3. Zig
4. Ms. Zig

March 30, 2007

What have you got?

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So I am sending this from Fn St. Mary’s because stolen internet is still internet. I’m also taking the time to tell CRSE that I’m heading home. This week has been a nightmare. I want it to be done. Soon I will be home. Soon I will have new BS to deal with, and this nightmare will fade into a memory.

What have you got?
You got it bad? Let me know.
You got it good? Start your own blog, but let me know.

One last thought I have is I need to start looking how you folks get here. CRSE sez I’m slipping on the dork scale because of my lack of follow through in this area. So to my readership: What do you want? I need to get back into creative writing by any means necessary, are you intrested? My wife does her TT and quizzes, do you care where I score? CRSE has tagged me for a meme, do you want more of those? comments welcomed.

February 20, 2007

Saved thought

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So Where in the hell hve I been?

Insane project at work, it now has me three hours from home.

Inability not to watch television, or sleep. It’s all I want after a week of 16 hour days. “Ok honey I’ve got to go.”

Thinking about joining NaAdWriMo National Adventure Writing Month
32 page adventure by June 30, I think I could do it. I’ll keep you posted.

What brings me back?

If one wants to become a better writer one must write. “ya know what I’m sayin?” I want it but am I willing to work for it? So far, the evidence says NO.

I read the winning stories for the Winter 3 Cheers and a Tiger Theme? Paper Scisors, Rock. Include a supernatural element. They were good, very good. I could do that right? maybe? Well start writing and we’ll see.

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