September 22, 2008

Like the morning after

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Played DND till 1:30, Lied around house semi commatose for two days, CRSE says it’s correlative. I say I was trying not to get sick.
In an effort to make things right I will endevor to make things more livable in the house.
CRSE can comment to set the priority Otherwise I will start with the bedding while the kids clean up the wreckage of thier passing.
I’m planning on kicking ass because I feel better. Not great, but I feel conscience and a little embaresed.
I promised it would not be like this I’m sorry.

To readers that may have played it was good. We ran long because we got started late then I had to collect data. Next time I think things will go more smoothly. Even if we have 2 tables.


August 27, 2008

So what do you want, a cupcake?

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I’m getting excited about playing D&D again. I’m thinking if my Friday gaming group falls through I will aproach a store I pass on the way home about holding Saturday game days there. Hell I might do that anyway. I hope there’s free wifi near there.

D&D Insider will start needing a subscription soon. The content still sucks, the apps aren’t finished and WotC’s digital initative looks like a wash. But for only $4.95 a month you to can have a sucky interface to a sucky database app that is replacing the errata and FAQ. Thanks guys that’s just swell. I want to pay for official suck. And your GSL F(n) [pronounced eff of en] is a legal load of crap too. Thanks for killing off 3ppl (that’s third party publishers for those not in the know), why don’t you guys just sell the license for 20 million and let some other jerks drive for a while.

I’m beginning to think Pathfinder might be better for the orginized play. Sure it’s a new setting to me and the combat is more convoluted, you know third edition D&D style, but they are still in open developement. As in community input and editiong, that is much better than the editing job done by the pro’s. Hell WotC is getting as bad as Microsoft about releasing a beta and calling it complete.