August 24, 2009


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World of Warcraft,
Well as predicted CRSE is totally obsessed. Max is playing on my account. I am of course I have to catch up to CRSE, proving yet once again CRSE has more free time than I.

But, there are a number of things I do enjoy and some I don’t. I keep finding my inventory over full. That I think is ultra suckish. The 2 trillion people that pop in and out without talking to each other I find entertaining.


July 22, 2009

Fasting? WTF

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Well here’s the story on that. I got up extra early to get to the airport early enough to get through the security line. Pittsburgh Monday Morning plan on two hours just to get through security. My flight was 7:25 I was at the airport at 6:00 good but not great. Oh my flight was delayed till 8am. OK. I got bumped to first class on my new connecting flight, cool. I ended up passing out on the short flight to Charlotte and again the long flight to PR. I have a headache but I figure that’s just from no caffeine, but it makes it so I’m not at all that hungry. when I pick up my car it has GPS, cool San Juan to Ponce please and let’s get there by the shortest route. Ouch, I never get motion sickness. I got about half way on the constant switchbacks and had to pull over to puke. But wait I haven’t eaten so it’s just water and bile. I stop a couple more times to keep from puking and when I get to Coamo (hey there’s the plant) I stop at the Walgreens to get some Pepto and a fruit punch to wash away the bile and down the bismuth. by the time I got to the hotel it’s 8pm and all I want is to get some sleep.

I oversleep and the plant is about an hour from the hotel I’m at, it’s hot and muggy and I’m not hungry. The thought occurs to me, “It’s not a fast until three days.” I forget where I got that little gem at but since I’m not hungry and I’m on my way let’s see if we can. When I got back to the hotel that night I looked for places to eat and nothing seemed appealing. So today I said, “3 days that’s a fast, I need to eat. I should eat. I better eat.” I asked for a place that was open late who suggested Ponderosa which was closed and ended up at Denny’s which was open. Enough said I’ve already told that story.

The lady I’m working with said today as we were leaving, “You making me feel bad. the cafeteria is over there, across the street is ice cream and there’s coffee around the corner, and Burger King is up the road.” Don’t feel bad Ms. Rivera Reyes my wife can tell you I just get like that sometimes, stubborn and strange. but maybe we can do lunch tomorrow.

January 29, 2009

Wide awake review

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So I watched Wide Awake the other day, the premise seemed intresting, an independent film maker chronicles his own troubles with sleep. as a partial insomniac living with another insomniac this might be kind of cool. To borrow a phrase from CRSE “Get over yourself, nobody cares,” to which I would add “StFU!” The film maker makes a tremendous deal about not being able to get to sleep or stay asleep. The part that triggers the red flag of disbelief is his self diagnosis “Everybody tells me I look tired, and if you ever ask me how I’m doing, I’d probablly say ‘Tired’.” So you get off on being tired ok I can deal with that. The rest of the show was a self indulgent look at sleep, the science of sleep, and why the film maker is an asshole. He gives it away in the last 10 minutes, he spends hours cutting pictures from newspapers then sorting them into little boxes. That sir is not creative work that is (as CRSE would say) “mental masterbation”. You have a young child the you made sure went to bed at eight pm so daddy can go jolly himself. You sir are a prize asshole. Rumination my ass, nobody asked for you to archive the world, we have a library for that. Nobody asked you to stay up all night thinking stupid shit. Oooooo, mommy and daddy were fighting at night for years Booo Hoo Hoo. Sit down and Shut up! Like you are alone there, whatever. I wasn’t mad while watching the show but the whole affair is one of those things that come back in the middle of the night like this, what a wanker. did I really watch the whole thing? Yes I did, it’s a good thing I was folding laundry otherwise when I wake up in the middle of the night I’d want my time back.

January 16, 2009

Doom of Mayan proportions

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I’ve been thinking ever since I read this in 43Folders Clips . I’ve been thinking about data, memory, information vs knowledge, and a whole lot of crap that are first world problems. <rant>Except money makers on TopCoder are from around the world like these guys in China Which reminds me about a quote I once read “Starving children in Cambodia are learning to write programs” <\rant> Around the holidays I bought a 4GB memory stick and loaded XAMPP and mediawiki on it After reading the above post I have begun to put my public data into my private brain.

And still the fear haunts me, what would I do if I lost my brain? Some of you may snicker there, but the fear is growing. What if twitter changed to a subscription model, what if Google closes gmail, what if wordpress was sold as hard assets? I know a bunch of what ifs Like what if AOL bought up a bunch of free hosting sites and then pulled the plug on all of them without telling anybody, inconceivable I know. But they did, and now I wonder about the safety of my data. Why would I care if I lost all my wordpress posts? Nobody read them anyway. What if my crappy cellphone novel just disappears, who cares? To be honest I’m not sure even if I do, but the feeling I get is like being audited or that dream where there’s a test that you are not ready for. It’s like a digital form of Alzheimer’s, these digital memories are lobotomized out of reality. Again, who cares? Go make more more content with some other “free” provider. But that’s not the point. I want to remember that every November I basically stop blogging to write a bunch of words nobody ever reads (not even me), I look at my old posts around the new year and my birthday to look for signs of change (BTW not so much)

At work I have lost my email twice, when I moved machines and a hard drive failure, I didn’t really loose anything of importance to me, but I could see a legal battle where that would be awful.

At home I just got a new computer and there’s a harddrive with 60 gigs of data waiting to be put back into circulation. Till I plug the drive in the data only sort of exists.

Maybe I should just start writing everything down on paper too bad I have crappy handwriting.

Here I am fearing the Datapocalypse, until next time I’ll be reading Proust.

October 10, 2008

late night coffee

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So what in the hell are you doing until 2am if you’re not at a bar? Playing Lux of course. Lux Delux is a Risk like game with lots of user support since I don’t have a lot of dispossabe income I have to be picky about where I plunk 20 dollars. I keep thinking I want to buy this game. The demo cripples you after 30 games but those 30 games are wonderful. Would you give up you lunch money for it? I think Im going to, jsut not today.

Merlin’s second point
2.    Daily
and he goes on to say that he doesn’t mean post every day he means work on you blog everyday. Obsessive reseach, working on posts, editing, comment managment, forum managment whatever. Kick it up a level. Make it a daily habit like checking email, do you remember a time when you didn’t do that? Today make your blog a part of your day. I have this month but I still need to go further. November is novel writing time and I’m undecided whether I will be posting it or not, I just might post word counts to make CRSE bitter.

October 7, 2008

TC writing prompt 10-07-08 A birthday present — on no one’s birthday

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“Jeez here we go again,” i thouight as I saw the door open and suger grammy Squealed “come here, I’ve miiisssed you soooo much.”
as we walked in I saw the remnants of the months bills in toddler’s reach. I scooped them up and put them out of reach so the kids wouldn’t get yelled at later. Already bitter I saw the cake, and started humming “If I’d of know you were coming.” That’s right get them all hopped up on sugar then send them home, I wonder why everybody calls you the sugar grammy. Papi wasn’t around so the next 5 minutes were crucial. Don’t piss her off and be extra plesant and the kids would be ok. We just won’t mention the uncomfortable business that would result if things start badly.
“Tell me all about your school.” Too soon to say if it is a favoritism thing showing through. Mike answers thoughaly, the ever dutiful child.
Before she could just skip over Cameron I offered, “Now tell grammy what you do when brother’s in school.” Was that a sharp look?
Cam stuttered his way through an answer, now with a sweeping guesture here comes the grandiosity, “Well look what grammy found, It seem like somebody left some presents for you.” The two small boxes were wrapped in reused wrapping paper. One was clearly Christmas paper White with snowflakes and the other was Happy birthday paper with  confetti and balloons on it, If it weren’t for the coffee stain on the one and the taped up rip on the other I’d almost believed she cared. It was like a sucker punch, I saw it coming but the kids didn’t.

There’s more to go but I’ll let it send like that. This prompt screams for the unjust justice that CRSE would give it

October 5, 2008

Writing thoughts

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Waiting for the thoughts to comes, like messengers from other dimensions. waiting for inspiration, the kernel, that one cool thing to frame a story on. Perhaps I’m too much of a literalist. Or too tortured to transgress upon the proffered fruit of imagination. More likely I’m too lazy to work for it. Creative work can be earned as well as inspired. Lacking both I ramble waiting for my more glorious wife to carry the banner further.

Oh, but I’m also so very competetive. I’ll seethe at the thought that she can do what I cannot. No! It isn’t true, she claims to be the idea guy but when I ask for one or more ideas she’d rather hit me. No, I’m as smart as shee is. I get paid to think like she does. I’m as amusing as she is, just a little darker. Oh, please enter NaNoWriMo, Competeing wordcount will drive to new hieghts I’m sure. I may not finish but I’ll be close to you, plus or minus a 1000 words. Already the planned writing spurts are going.

October 4, 2008


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I like knowing the meta game we’re playing.
For instance when you are bitching about what the boss asked you for.
You are really saying, “I don’t want to help you”
and when you are complianing about the way you have no work and you’re worried about your job
You are really saying, “I feel insecure”
And when you mock me in front of others
You are really saying, “I like you”

October 2, 2008


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If I knew what was wrong I’d let you know. but I don’t so I can’t.
If I felt any more lost I’d be a beggar.
If I wanted to leave I would, even though I have no where to go.
If I were a poet, this would rhyme.
I don’t know why I write this, but the buzz of revolution is in my ears.
I I I Me me me there is no reality but mine.

I found this lost in my scrap heap, I likes it so I’l share. I definatly does not reflect my current life

September 9, 2008

Dedisgustify is not a word but it is a good discription

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One room a day that’s my goal honey tonight the kitchen.

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