May 21, 2007

21-05-07 Toasted Cheese writing prompt

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21-05-07 Toasted Cheese WP: She didn’t believe she was being selfish.

Although her brother screamed about the injustice done, she didn’t believe she was being selfish. “I did the babysitting, I walked the dogs, I earned this and that baby didn’t.” She thought to herself with pride. “It’s mine and Mom made sure I didn’t have to share.” Her father was going to take her out to get it when he got home and the wait was intolerable with that whiny baby carrying on.


The way she teased them was really just teasing herself. prolonging the moment, delaying the end, savoring the position. She didn’t believe she was being selfish. It was just the way she made love. Men didn’t seem to mind her tactics and Leslie like the way she gently dominated the situation. It was like a flash going off, a bright flash as time stopped for a moment then carrying on slowly rising to a crest, then flash again.

Now if I could just turn either of those into a story…