October 18, 2008


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The chamber by the garden was open to the cool air.
“I’ve really have enjoyed the talks and the the the what do you call it again? To me it will always be tea to me. I must go and file my report”

The the the title escapes me, he’s a senschel; but I’m not sure he is nobility. Anyway he stands as if to see me off. “Is there nothing I can say to keep you?”
‘I’m afraid not”
“Then I’m sorry I must arrest you.” He knew my service agents were armed with beam weapons, and that I would not ask them to usde them.
“Let me guess orders from the lord of the planet”
“His most regal and mighty, yes.” he answered with a little humour.
“Listen I’ve always thought of our relationship with amity, I beg of you not to do this. There’s no way you can win by aressting me.” I pointedly looked at both of my guards.

His Gangalic was almost perfect, “I wish it were otherwise, but …” he spread his arms wide as he bowed out of the room. he loked the large doors as he exited.

Shit this is bad if he tries to ransom me like the local custom goes then he might as well abdicate. If the cargo vessel comes and there’s no contract then we are all in big trouble. Is this why this feudal ag planet is ambered? Whoever deals with us should get stronger then why is it harder and harder to get a stable goverment here?

This was the second prompt of the insane journal’s 15 min ficlet. I had about 30 minutes with it across the day.


October 7, 2008

TC writing prompt 10-07-08 A birthday present — on no one’s birthday

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“Jeez here we go again,” i thouight as I saw the door open and suger grammy Squealed “come here, I’ve miiisssed you soooo much.”
as we walked in I saw the remnants of the months bills in toddler’s reach. I scooped them up and put them out of reach so the kids wouldn’t get yelled at later. Already bitter I saw the cake, and started humming “If I’d of know you were coming.” That’s right get them all hopped up on sugar then send them home, I wonder why everybody calls you the sugar grammy. Papi wasn’t around so the next 5 minutes were crucial. Don’t piss her off and be extra plesant and the kids would be ok. We just won’t mention the uncomfortable business that would result if things start badly.
“Tell me all about your school.” Too soon to say if it is a favoritism thing showing through. Mike answers thoughaly, the ever dutiful child.
Before she could just skip over Cameron I offered, “Now tell grammy what you do when brother’s in school.” Was that a sharp look?
Cam stuttered his way through an answer, now with a sweeping guesture here comes the grandiosity, “Well look what grammy found, It seem like somebody left some presents for you.” The two small boxes were wrapped in reused wrapping paper. One was clearly Christmas paper White with snowflakes and the other was Happy birthday paper with¬† confetti and balloons on it, If it weren’t for the coffee stain on the one and the taped up rip on the other I’d almost believed she cared. It was like a sucker punch, I saw it coming but the kids didn’t.

There’s more to go but I’ll let it send like that. This prompt screams for the unjust justice that CRSE would give it

October 6, 2008

TC writing prompt 06 oct 2008

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“The trick to it is remembering how to begin.”

The illusionist tricks all start the same way, reveal the apperatus to be exactly as it is. the handcuffs are sturdy, the straight jacket has no flaws. What you see is what you get. “just an ordinary deck of cards, lookie lookie, nothing up my sleeves.” but wizard magic, that is always harder. making something from nothing. But knowing where to begin is also a matter of following the directions, copy the recipie and up and you get the desired result, just follow the ritual. Now storytelling is like the other two, there’s a recipie, The Pledge, The turn and The Prestige. but The trick to it is remembering how to begin. These days people start in the middle, in years gone by the started at the beginning, soon they will start at the end. Till such times we are where we are. I reall wish we weren’t I wish it were up to others to tell my magic tale but it is left for me.

The trick to it is remembering how to begin. At the end? Lucky Jack gets the girl and the gold? she was going to kill him and he knew it, and she knew he knew it. that’s why they wee perfect for each other. Most of the gangsters were dead and there was going to be a power struggle before anybody remembered why they were in this mess. There’s something wrong with staring there. The denudement meant nothing. Who is she? what gold? and why would we care if gangsters died or not.

The trick to it is remembering how to begin. In the middle, what middle? Lucky Jack plans a hiest, that middle is boring. The The shootout? the sam problem as before, whatever, who cares.

The trick to it is remembering how to begin. I gues we better start at the beginnig, the pledge, make it all worth while. What’s to say, Lucky Jack was an illusionist. He learned all he could, knew the tricks for what they were, knew the point was the misdirect. He studied the darker arts and saw the point there too. Force of will and the stronger will imposed upon others, Whether that be a person, angel or devil, or in the wicca circles, aspects of olden gods. Though not boring the important thing was realizing you had budda nature din’t pay the rent. Money paid the rent. Lot’s of money paid all the bills. That is where Lucky Jack started his plan. The love of money is the root of all evil, Jack didn’t love money it was a tool and his toolset was small (that’s what she said). Jack was never one to get money for it’s own sake. Jack was one who waited for the good life to come knocking.
Jack wanted things easy, he didn’t care about the stains on his soul that he aquired to remain an idler. Robbery, extortion, theft of any kind really. regardless of the source he didn’t feel bad about being damned for all eternity any more. there was a time the mere mention of being damned stopped him cold. not any more. we all go sometime and this time around he was taking it easy.

July 17, 2007

Writing assignment

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A Physical description of fear without reveling what is feared, Personal.

The 3 remaining readers have spoken. 500 to 1000 words regarding fear. I’m sorry teacher but I’m going to need an extension. by next Monday agreed?

Fellow remedial students CRSE Gretty and Mert, will you rise to the proposed challenge. If you don’t feel comfortable posting on your own site you can leave a comment here.

May 21, 2007

21-05-07 Toasted Cheese writing prompt

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21-05-07 Toasted Cheese WP: She didn’t believe she was being selfish.

Although her brother screamed about the injustice done, she didn’t believe she was being selfish. “I did the babysitting, I walked the dogs, I earned this and that baby didn’t.” She thought to herself with pride. “It’s mine and Mom made sure I didn’t have to share.” Her father was going to take her out to get it when he got home and the wait was intolerable with that whiny baby carrying on.


The way she teased them was really just teasing herself. prolonging the moment, delaying the end, savoring the position. She didn’t believe she was being selfish. It was just the way she made love. Men didn’t seem to mind her tactics and Leslie like the way she gently dominated the situation. It was like a flash going off, a bright flash as time stopped for a moment then carrying on slowly rising to a crest, then flash again.

Now if I could just turn either of those into a story…

December 1, 2006

Toasted Cheese Writing Prompt 01122006

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Her note was clear, consice, and final. ‘There is nothing left between us. I’m leaving’.
Thinking aloud, “Oh well, there’s more than one flower under the sun.” then he walked away from his computer to get dressed for work.

You know those silly either or questionaires? Coffe or Tea, White or Wheat. He was always the Dumpee never Dumper and he actually perfered it like that. When a relationship was heading for trouble he headed back into work, sooner or later the other person (there had been a couple of feme guys) would feel abandoned and would either find another person to console them or leave outright. Notes or Fights, either way they always left him not the other way around.

He thought Nicole had another week or two before she gave up. She must of found someone else. He never minded when they found someone else, in fact it made things intresting right before they ended.

It’s when they ask what he does that signals the begining of the end. “Paperwork mostly.” Is the reply that seems to squelch the inquires the most, but the seed has been planted. Cover stories only go so far, and when do you get to put them away? While dating he was always himself. After they ask he finishes or starts his big projects and mostly the paperwork. Po then waits for them to start calling.
Once he told the truth, it was long ago, and like his instructors had warned him the relationship took on meaning and the work suffered and then the relationship became the job and when the detachment came to the relationship it struck a blow to the soul that never grew back. All students try it at one point and all students are shaken. The training is deep and broad, when complete, inescapable. “Doc, it was like I was a robot. I felt nothing for days. I had to get away, come back here to figure it out, What’s happening to me Doc.” “Your training,” was the reply. Hypnotapes, biologic and cybernetic inplants. Trigger them and they take over. Which is why he was a security expert.

Some things to note:
I have not let go of my NaNo Po, aka “Sector 7” was a character I spent a lot of time thinking¬† about but never got to that part of my novel. Things are still brewing up there expect to see bits fall out.
I had no response to the prompt. I added to it before and after back and forth until I got going. I am not pleased with what came out, but tell me what you think.
I am going to post responses to writing prompts and exercises if you don’t like it tell me what bothers you so.
I might open another blog for life/work comments, for now expect to see sensless crap, and random life comments.

September 2, 2006

Toasted cheese Writing prompt 01-09-06

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Snow fell in small, harsh flakes.
Inside the tent the conversation was also turning harsh,”So why did ja bring me?”
“You know why”
“So I can cook and clean like at home?” She was getting pissed, “You know I ain’t built like that!”
“No, you know why.”
“So you can have your whore in the woods? Com’on now, Why?”
“It was all a mistake.” He wanted to run out of the tent and shoot that damn Elk. There was no escaping this talk, nor was there any smoothing it out.
“No, I want to know, Why.” She knew it was about the sex as much as she knew she was miserable, “Say it!”
He was staring at the side of the tent avoiding eye contact. The wind was blowing slightly and the cold air was warmer than the mood inside the tent. “We have to go and she is not going to budge,” he thought, avoiding the subject even with himself. “You know why.” he said with clenched teeth still staring at the tent.
His reasoning was pretty sound, “What do you do up there in the woods anyway, Mountain Man?” She asked after every hunting trip. “Well I never do this.” he thought aloud. She wanted to leave almost as soon as they got there.

August 31, 2006

Writing Prompt

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Tosted Cheese Writing prompt:
The sound of airplanes surprised her.

“I thought we were in the middle of nowhere. There’s nothing but farms out here.” She said to Neil. He replied, “Crop dusters, and poor piolits afraid of the regional…”She figgeted a little with the strap of her backpack. “Well, can we watch for a little bit?” She already knew the answer was no, but she had to ask. Novelty never wore off for her, flying was almost as good as space which is where she really wanted to go. There was nothing that stired her sense of wonder like space travel.”We have a long way to go honey…” Neil said, but was thinking, “Just the faint sound a mile away and the girl alerts like a birding dog. I hope there some happiness at the end of that rainbow for you.” He always managed not quite to say no. Never wanting to squash the dreams of his small foundling. “I have no Idea how you will get into the Academy but if you make it I will make it happen for you.” he thought as turned onto a dirt road.”I know, I know.” Jill said as she stared at the floor.It got country quiet for a while. Neil stopped the truck. “We can only stay for a little bit.””What? We’re at the airport, for real?””Yeah, and they will be flying right over there”The magic moment came and a small plane came in for a landing she Ooed and aahed until it came to a stop.And then one took off too.
“Come on honey, it’s time to go.”